Xva projects & transformation manager

21 July England - Greater London, London Perm

The XVA / Scarce Resources team created in 2013 is part of the Global Market Division (GMD).
This 30 people strong team entails 3 sub teams:
·1 trading team : based in Paris, London and Hong Kong in charge of pricing XVA (Credit Valuation Adjustment (CVA) / Liquidity Valuation Adjustment (LVA) etc) + hedging to reduce PnL volatility
·1 Quants team based in Paris and London
·1 XVA Projects and Transformation team  (PBM) based in London and in Paris
In the framework of major regulatory changes, the mandate of the team is to:
·Reinforce Bank risk management
·Helping reach and maintain the right balance between Meeting accounting and regulatory constraints whilst remaining competitive
·Optimize scarce resources like Risk Weighted Assets (RWA), Leverage Ratio…
·Manage defaults
The mandate of the XVA Projects & Transformation team is to :
·Maintain the integrity of the desk :  processes, systems, methodology, budget and control in place to be able to operate
·Manage projects notably by accompanying the digitalisation and the transformation of the XVA business
· Conduct change Management in a proactive manner
Key Responsibilities for XVA Project Manager
Project / Change Management
XVA PROJECTS & TRANFORMATION TEAM is mostly a project team (50 to 80% of their tasks).
Projects are related to regulatory changes, methodologies, pricing adaptation, Scarce Resources optimization and change Management.
The XVA Project Manager should demonstrate a capacity to follow up project from A to Z and ensure the change management associated is done.
The demand for “Change Management” is high.
Not only Sales but also coverage, support functions and even clients do request explanations and presentations about XVAs and how to optimize.
Therefore the XVA Project Manager will have to be involved with a wealth of different interlocutors to deliver quality presentations, lean processes optimisation solutions etc.
He/she should lead XVA PROJECTS & TRANFORMATION TEAM change management campaigns and maintain high quality standards.
XVA Project Officer will also have to contribute to important cultural changes where GMD people should not only be driven by generation of additional revenue but also by PI and RWA considerations.
Some of the main projects where XVA Project Manager will be involved will include:
RWA Monitoring and optimization
o    Participate to set up accurate and flexible / lean RWA reports
o    Be an active contributor to change management campaigns
o    Be a point of contact for questions notably by Sales, Senior Bankers and coverage on RWA / PI issues
o    Work closely with ALM to converge as much as possible in terms of methodology and tools usage
o    Analyze the monthly RWA Upfront production with RPC and ALM
o    Promote usage of shared tools based of business intelligence outside XVA PROJECTS & TRANFORMATION TEAM

• Engineering school, University, or business school degree in finance or economy