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Uk head of tax

15 June England - Greater London, London Perm


Manager of the Tax department (currently 4 people) within the London Finance of CA-CIB London Branch.
This responsibility covers compliance, tax planning & advice for all types of taxation and includes responsibility for CA-CIB London Branch and Credit Agricole managed UK entities.
The incumbent’s direct reporting line is to the UK CFO with a functional reporting line to the CA-CIB Head of Tax, based in Paris.

Key Responsibilities

·        Notably the Head of Tax is directly responsible for the control, management & reporting of the following taxes:
§   UK Corporation Tax and Bank Surcharge
§   VAT
§   Stamp Duty.
§   UK Bank Levy
§   PAYE & NI (assistance to Human Resource department who has primary responsibility for these taxes)

·        For all taxes the incumbent will be responsible for optimising the Bank’s fiscal position, reporting on time and ensuring compliance with rules & regulations
and ensure a good working relationship is maintained with HMRC with the goal to maintain the low risk rating currently assigned to the Bank by HMRC.

·        Ensure the Branch adheres to the Code of Practice and internally there is compliance with the Bank’s Tax Policy, this includes appropriate training of senior management on the Code of Practice and compliance with the strategy adopted worldwide by the CAsa Group.

·        Ensure in conjunction with the CACIB Paris Tax Department that the UK fiscal position does not adversely affect the Bank’s overall fiscal position.
In particular, review SLAs between CACIB London Branch and other group entities, ensuring that the Bank has a documented and robust Transfer Pricing Policy in place (in conjunction with the CA-CIB Paris Tax Department who has primary responsibility for the CACIB Group Transfer Pricing policy).

·        Assist in the preparation of the monthly financial reporting where it relates to tax matters (i.e.
tax provision, deferred tax calculations and analysis).

·        To participate on the New Business/Activity Committee to ensure all new products are correctly evaluated from a fiscal perspective.
To provide tax advice when requested to Heads of Department.
The Head of Tax will sit on the London New Organisation Committee of the Bank.
However, the Tax Section should NOT provide advice to any Bank clients or staff.

·        To manage, on behalf of the CAsa Group in the UK, the VAT group reporting, the group relief position and the UK bank levy position (in addition to the above named entities this also includes Amundi, CAsa London Branch and CACEIS Bank).
To provided ancillary tax services to other group entities when agreed (i.e.
all tax returns for CACEIS).

Other Responsibilities:

·         To build close relationships both within CA-CIB UK and with the Paris Tax function.
·         Ensuring procedure manuals are kept up to date to cover all aspects of this job description and the department’s role.
·         All aspect of

Extensive understanding of financial services tax rules in an international environment (in particular, Transfer Pricing, Bank Levy, VAT issues).
Knowledge of corporate and investment banking products and accounting, specifically from a fiscal perspective