Treasury manager

18 March England - Greater London, London Perm

Key information:

• Closing date: 24th March 2020

• Salary: competitive

• Responsible for the oversight of the Balance-sheet of both Casa and CACIB London, ensuring that the sourcing of sufficient liquidity is managed in a controlled and efficient manner, working as a ‘primary’ liquidity centre in full cooperation with the rest of the network and within strict adherence to internal liquidity rules.

• As a member of the London Treasury team, must as a matter of course participate to all efforts required to comply with all required regulatory guidelines.

• A strict requirement to observe across all portfolios under management compliance to risk parameters detailing market risk and authorised products.

• Also responsible for providing pricing to customer base.

• To submit on a daily basis USD and GBP LIBOR contribution according to internal procedures
Key Responsibilities:

• Strategy and Business Planning

• Ensure the sound and cautious monitoring of the liquidity of Casa and CACIB London

• Manage regulatory ratios

• Execute transactions accurately and in accordance with established risk management procedures and risk parameters.

• Develop Casa and CA-CIB’s profile and pricing capacity in CASH deposits and CDs/ECP

• Provide product pricing for both Treasury products as well as specific client transactions.
Pricing must ensure that the Bank is adequately compensated for the level of principal risk and the amount of balance sheet it dedicates to specific transactions.

• Input all executed trades directly into the Front Office System.

• Understand, participate, manage, inform and alert about money market and economic elements relative to Treasury Business

• Be aware of all economic, regulatory and financial data likely to affect the market, and on market specific changes and developments

• To submit on a daily basis USD and GBP LIBOR’s
Legal and Regulatory Responsibilities:

• Comply with all applicable legal, regulatory and internal Compliance requirements, including, but not limited to, the London Compliance manual and the Financial Crime Policy.
Complete any mandatory training in line with legal, regulatory and internal Compliance requirements.

• Maintain appropriate knowledge to ensure to be fully qualified to undertake the role.
Complete all mandatory training as required to attain and maintain competence.

• Refrain from taking any steps which could lead to the removal of certification of fitness and propriety to perform the role.

• Undertake all necessary steps to satisfy the annual certification process.

• Comply with all applicable conduct rules as prescribed by the relevant regulator.

• To be fully conversant with CA CIB's official procedures relating to LIBOR submission and to undertake the function of a LIBOR submitter in strict accordance with these processes and with ICE guidelines.
Candidate Criteria:

• Qualifications/Education Required: Degree or equivalent education experience, Computer literate.

Degree or equivalent education experience, Computer literate.