Senior transversal risk manager

02 July England - Greater London, London Perm

Risk Management’s main objective is to ensure that the financial and operational activities of Amundi (UK) Limited and Amundi Intermediation, London Branch (hereinafter “Amundi London”) do not expose them and clients to potential or unexpected losses beyond their risk tolerance levels. 
With oversight from the UK Deputy Chief Risk Officer, the candidate is responsible for defining, implementing and monitoring all transversal measurement or control systems needed to effectively ensure the overall compliance of the asset management, with the commitment of the firms to the clients and any other third party in collaboration with the Emerging markets and GFI Risk management teams.

Concretely, this responsibility entails for Amundi London :
·         Transversal Risk reviews: identification, articulation, quantification, monitoring and reporting  of transversal risks including deep-dive and l portfolio reviews in collaboration with EM and GFI Risk management teams.

·         Design, production, reporting, oversight and accountability of performance review and attribution for all London portfolios.
·         Front-to-back management of operational risk: identification, escalation, independent analysis, quantification, oversight of remediation actions, assessment of permanent control & oversea services), compliant with Basel II, locally applicable regulations and Group’s policy.
·          Automation and redesign of risk management processes consistent with current IT infrastructure.
·         Design, prepare and coordinate all documents for the London Senior Risk governance in particular the London Risk Committee including transversal analysis
·         ICAAP Risk calculation and reporting
·         Coordination of ISAE 3402 process

Principal Accountabilities for Operational Risk :
·         Drive independent reviews of known or emerging operational risks.
The candidate will focus on post-mortem analysis of operational risk events to ensure that the risk management actions taken were adequate and to apply lessons learned more broadly to other activities or processes across the Company.
·         Lead the Risk Reviews on operational risk error notes and emerging risks with a focus on independently assessing the adequacy of risk management actions leading up to and following the event.
·         Perform analysis of policies, procedures, issue management practices, business process risk management, and other processes that may have contributed to, or impacted the severity of the event.
·         Syndicate review findings and recommendations with applicable stakeholders to ensure sufficient alignment with risk management practices.
·         Produce and present Operational Risk Review reports and supporting materials that clearly communicate findings and recommendations to senior management and governance forums.

• STEM educated, master degree