MSc Financial Markets & Investments (Paris, Sophia-Antipolis, Raleigh)
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Pogramme taught in English at the Paris, Raleigh & Sophia Antipolis campuses

In the Financial Times’ worldwide Top 10 for two consecutive years

Career opportunities

Trader, broker, sales analyst, risk manager, controller, investment

Programme outline

The programme educates students in a personalised academic environment for success in a wide variety of finance jobs. It gives students practical expertise in the key areas of finance within the new post crisis (2008 and today again) financial environment in the fields of trading, risk management, sales, investment advisory, sustainable finance… Secondly, it teaches these courses within a global macro-economic and financial environment with market-oriented courses that  will enable the students to become conscious of a new financial and economic environment including a key component that may remain with them throughout their
careers: a stockpile of world debt.

The availability of Reuters and Bloomberg  terminals with existing live quotes and up-to-the-minute financial information allows students to follow and better understand the correlation between geopolitics, economics and the financial markets.

Why choose this programme

> Small, international classes mean students build fruitful intercultural relationships with one another and their teachers.

Classes are taught by professors who have both strong academic backgrounds and expert professional experience in finance.

> The teaching emphasises a hands-on, problem-solving approach
that means graduates can work productively from Day One on the job.

> The programme is developed constantly to ensure its relevance to shifting global financial markets. Classes are also complemented by various talks given by full time, high-calibre professionals.

>Throughout the year, students develop professional contacts, get access to information from various resources, and learn from each other. The highly international make-up of classes will make it possible for students to create a wide network of friends and colleagues.

In-company projects and assignments

> Correlation between commodities and equities
> Dividend swaps as a new asset class
> Forward curve as a forecasting tool in the soft commodity market  and its Granger casualty test
> Oil and natural gas correlation
> To what extent does Islamic finance banking present a growing  stable and safe banking system?
> Leveraged ETF: the real correlation with their index

Partner companies

HSBC, Calyon, BNP Paribas,  SocGen, Commerzbank, EFG…

Employment rate:

> 100% two months after graduation
> Average salary: €60,500

Admisson contacts
French students
USA: +1.919.535.5700 - China:  +86.512.6260.8988
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International students
USA: +1.919.535.5700 - China:  +86.512.6260.8988
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>> Interview de Tarek Amyuni, Bertrand Groslambert & Charles H.J, Co-Directeurs du MSc Financial Markets and Investments, Skema.