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Fx and ird linear em trading

New 30 July England - Greater London, London Perm

Responsible for trading within authorised trading limits on the EMG FX & Rates EMEA desk, i.e the risk parameters and designated currency and products limits.
In order to maximise revenues within pre-established limits and objectives.
Within the parameters of the overall business strategy of CA-CIB and other agreed policies, the candidate is empowered to implement the strategy and business plans within the business line, as decided by the Head of EMG FX & Rates EMEA Trading.
Key Responsibilities
Strategy and Business Planning
Market make for customers in Emerging Trading desk
Execute transactions in accordance with established risk management procedures and risk parameters.
Formulate trading strategy and relate these to market opportunities.
Be aware of all economic and final data likely to affect the market and keep updated on market changes.
Take views on future market developments and advise sales accordingly.
Provide product pricing for both new products as well as specific client transactions.
Pricing must ensure that the Bank is adequately compensated for the level of principal risk and the amount of balance sheet it dedicates to specific transactions.
Keep abrest of the markets by reading the financial press and available economic research.
Input all executed trades directly into the Front Office Systems in a timely manner. 
Provide technical support and direction to more junior staff.
Management and Reporting
Reporting Daily P&L, risk and key market movements to management by email.
Report to the Head of EMG FX& Rates EMEA Trading on an informal basis on the progress of the business and specific issues.
Ensure strict compliance with the mandate attributed to the desk.
Sign the mandate in the MRL tool according to the procedure currently in place with Bank.
In conjunction with the Head of EMG FX & Rates EMEA Trading, establish overall risk parameters.
Manage and hedge the overall risk of the EMG FX & Rates EMEA portfolio on an intra and inter day basis.
Ensure adherence with regard to position and risk limits.
Ensure adhernce to the overall risk limits, including both credit and market risk, as set for EMG FX & Rates EMEA desk.
Ensure clear and where relevant documented delegation of these limits across the various trading books as appropriate.
Ensure adequate systems and information flow to allow monitoring and management of these risks.
Ensure that other categories of risk to which the company is exposed (e.g legal, operational, and reputational risk) are identified to the extent possible  within the trading function.
Such risks should then delegated, documented and managed as appropriate within acceptable levels.
Risks manage the trading book for which responsible.
Maintain such risks within the risk limits delegated by Market Risk together with any additional limits imposed by EMG FX & Rates EMEA desk.

Clear communications of risk limits and product approvals to traders and any periodic changes thereto.
Ensure that the relevant managers are made fully aware in a timely fashion of all matters that might have a material impact on the desk EMG FX Rates EMEA group performance, risk position or compliance with legal or regulatory requirements .
Liasise closely with global overseas.