Cross asset structurer

New 31 July England - Greater London, London Perm

Position Summary

The Structuring & Product Development team is organised regionally with the following mandate:
o    Day-to-day pricing services, training and marketing to Sales network of investment products and hedging solutions across asset classes:
FX / Precious Metals
Cross-Assets (formerly known as “hybrids”)
“Alternative Solutions” e.g.risk transfer solutions, Proprietary Indices, Green…
o    Foster cooperation and ensures a smooth execution process between trading and sales
o    Design and develop new products, tools, materials responding to clients’ needs and sales feedback and coordinate the internal development process (NAP, NAC, CSTC…)
o    Local implementation or development of appropriate / tailor made “packaging” and “financing solutions” (EMTN, fund, loan, repack, flexi-loan, liquidity / risk transfer solutions ) with a strong transactional motivation in order to optimise CA CIB’s clients’ objective versus risk, accounting and/or regulatory constraints.
o    Coordination of the SFI cross-selling business with Sales force regionally:
-       Definition and roll out of the acceptable risk parameters and best practices for the product line including participation in the structuring and negotiation of the transactions to ensure alignment with the defined risk parameters
-       Main point of contact for Structured Finance and sits in the relevant committee
o    Ensure the business is carried out with the highest origination standards from both a compliance and legal standpoint
o    Represent the business / be the main point of contacts:
§  Internally to CACIB but external to GMD: Main contact points for external partners within CACIB in the context of Distribute to Originate model (CPM, DOD, DFS, SFI…)
Externally to CACIB: to clients, regulators, industry bodies and the wider CA-CIB Group
Core customers are Financial Institutions, Private Banking and large corporates reached through the commercial division network.
Cross-asset structurers will retain a “focus” as per section 7 of this document.
Key Responsibilities
1.     Strategy and Business Planning
·         Liaise with the sales force regarding their client’s financial requirements or targets, in terms of achieving hedging or return on investment, to identify a suitable compliant product that will produce the required results.
·         Work in coordination with sales to propose products and solutions (pricing, strategy, pitch, client meetings…) for hedging, liability management and investment purposes.
Work with trading, CVA desk, ALM or any other relevant department on specific scarce resources relief transaction or strategy.
·         Prepare marketing materials for products (existing and new), for review by the customer, CACIB and Lawyers.
·         Execute the transactions with Trading according to CACIB pricing policies.

Finance related university degree and/or professional qualification

Experience in financial engineering/ structuring and new product development.


Experience in financial engineering/ structuring and new product development.

Experience in financial products for FX.