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Valuation models and methodologies specialist

09 March England - Greater London, London Perm

Job Title: Valuation Models and Methodologies Specialist
Corporate Title: Vice President
Division: Finance
Location: London


You'll be joining the Global Valuation Group (GVG) which is a centralised function of over 200+ professionals within Finance responsible for the independent valuation of balance sheet positions for the Bank.

As part of the firm's Valuation Control process, GVG acts as a specialised function to ensure that the trading portfolios are independently priced at fair value. In addition, GVG act as subject matter experts and internal advisors to other Finance teams on Valuation-related topics, providing independent supporting analysis.

Your specific role is part of the Independent Model Control team within the GVG - Valuation Models and Methodologies team. Your team is responsible for the development and ownership of valuation methodology policies governing model fair value adjustments to support that control process. Your role involves regularly collaborating with the Front Office Trading and Quantitative Analytics, Market Risk and Model Validation to discuss and prioritise issues.

Key Responsibilities:

* Evaluating valuation methodology related issues, such as calibration of models used to value different complex products in various markets, Liquidity considerations and analysis of potential Day 1 Profit and Loss (P&L) releases
* Communicating concepts both verbally and via documentation, to accountants, traders, quants and risk managers, demonstrating capability to defend or challenge their validity
* Devising, maintaining and innovating valuation techniques for a wide range of model dependent products across all asset classes
* Analysing, developing and reviewing valuation methods in relation to model valuation adjustments and reserves
* Ensuring fair value principles are appropriately enacted
* Understanding valuation principles, products, markets and models
* Supporting the Independent Price Validation (IPV) teams, by developing, reviewing and improving independent calibration methodologies for the IPV process, including model reserves and other valuation considerations that can impact the P&L

Skills & Qualifications:

* A detailed knowledge of financial instrument valuation and risks measurement in complex product areas.
* Working knowledge of derivatives, pricing models and analytic libraries is useful
* Relevant experience in a specific or multiple asset classes such as: Credit, XVA, Interest Rates, FX, and Equity
* Good understanding of Asset and Derivative Valuation Models combined with an ability to understand their workings intuitively
* Ability to communicate with Front Office Quants on Model related issues as well as with the Trading desk
* An inquisitive mind and an analytical, yet practical, mindset in addressing and resolving issue
* Proficient organisational and communication skill
* A self-motivated, proactive and enthusiastic team playe
* Ability to take pragmatic decisions. You should also demonstrate that your approach is consistent with the firm's Values and Belief
* Experienced in producing detailed analysis to demanding deadlines and clearly communicating the results to senior management, and potentially to auditors/regulator
* Experienced in programming in C++, Python, visual basic or other language is an advantag
* Experienced in working in a global markets investment Banking environment either in a quantitative, valuation, risk management capacityPlease let us know if you require any adjustments to enable you to apply or attend an interview. If you would like to discuss your requirements, or have any concerns about the application process, please contact your recruiter.

Deutsche Bank is an equal opportunity employer who seeks to recruit and appoint the best available person for a job regardless of marital / civil partnership status, sex (including pregnancy), age, religion, belief, race, nationality and ethnic or national origin, colour, sexual orientation or disability.

Please let us know if you require any adjustments to enable you to apply or attend an interview. If you would like to discuss your requirements, or have any concerns about the application process, please contact your recruiter.

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