06 October England - Greater London, London Perm


Responsible for the distribution of EGB Flow products to Real Money clients.

Key Responsibilities

1. Strategy and Business Planning

• Develop and implement a strategy to maximise the distribution of Euro-Flow products within the context of CA CIB capabilities and consistent with the overall strategy of the team.

• Identify and establish high quality coverage of UK Asset Managers.

• Provide the specialist clients with the best possible infrastructure and information flow to maximise the distribution of Euro-flow products.

• Develop knowledge of client needs and coordinate the Bank's efforts to service customer organisations.

• Plan and organise client visits and meetings.

• Liaise with Relationship Managers / Senior Bankers in other areas of the bank regarding marketing opportunities.

• Aim to meet individual objectives and targets.

• Maintain marketing and customers Client Live Sales database.

2. Management and Reporting

• Report to the Head of Desk and London LGMM informally on a weekly basis.

• Manage performance and monitor weekly reports.
3. Control

• Ensure clients are suitably classified (under FCA rules) and are dealt with appropriately.

• Ensure clients are cleared by credit, legal, compliance and back office before trading.

4. Risk

• Adhere to and understand risks to the bank and the client resulting from marketing initiatives or successful conclusion of transactions.

5. Communication

• Entertain clients to promote the bank and its products

Systems Used

Outlook, Office, Intranet, Sophis (FO deal booking)
OpenLink (Sophis replacement)
COQS (FO derivatives pricing tool)
internal client management tools (MyCap)

Bloomberg, Reuters.

Legal and Regulatory Responsibilities

• Comply with all applicable legal, regulatory and internal Compliance requirements, including, but not limited to, the London Compliance manual and the Financial Crime Policy.
Complete any mandatory training in line with legal, regulatory and internal Compliance requirements.

• Maintain appropriate knowledge to ensure to be fully qualified to undertake the role.
Complete all mandatory training as required to attain and maintain competence.

• Refrain from taking any steps which could lead to the removal of certification of fitness and propriety to perform the role.

• Undertake all necessary steps to satisfy the annual certification process.

• Comply with all applicable conduct rules as prescribed by the relevant regulator.

Key Internal Contacts

Sales Management and Teams
Trading Desk
Middle Office
Back Office – to process trades.
Relationship Managers / Senior Bankers – for client information.

Key External Contacts
Real Money Clients in the UK

Degree preferably in a Mathematical subject