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Regulatory compliance - insurance expreince required, contract

15 May England - Greater London, London Perm

Manager, Regulatory Compliance - Insurance experience, Contract

* Supports the Head and Deputy Head of RC RBWM Insurance and provides RC advice, guidance and support to the RBWM Insurance management teams, via Regional RC Heads. The role will assist the RC Heads in the development, deployment and continued oversight of globally consistent RC policy for the RBWM business units and ensure that all entities develop and maintain the highest FCC standards by following both the letter and the spirit of the relevant regulatory requirements, Group Standards Manual, Fiduciary and Legal and the Compliance FIMs.
* Work directly with the RBWM Insurance team to make sure that as a business any new products / services are aligned to the HSBC RC requirements.
* The RBWM Insurance Manager will be accountable for building robust compliance coverage for Regulatory Compliance (RC) for all RBWM Insurance
* Setting policies and standards to cover compliance issues
* Advising line management of the impact on their businesses and functions of applicable external or internal regulations
* Supporting line management in discharging their responsibilities to comply with applicable regulations (e.g. by reviewing new products/activities for compliance implications, identifying potential rule breaches, enforcing changes to relevant manuals to reflect regulatory requirements, monitoring the businesses for adherence to the regulations and providing input to audit and training programmes)
* Assisting line management in the conduct of "crisis" management (e.g. ad hoc investigations into rule breaches)
* Providing an independent reporting mechanism for all executives
* Fostering good relations with the regulators


* This role is a technical role which requires a detailed understanding of the business and the regulatory environment within which it operates.
* The role holder is required to provide often complex guidance & judgments to the Insurance business on compliance related issues and is accountable for the integrity of this.


* The jobholder needs to have an understanding of, and keep up to date with, all the different types of regulations applicable to Group Insurance. These include the regulations affecting the manufacture and distribution of insurance products, anti-money laundering, sanctions, conflicts of interest, and anti-bribery.
* Knowledge of the structure of Group Insurance globally, and keeping that knowledge up to date.
* Maintaining appropriate relationships with the RICOs in different time zones.
* Balancing the demands of the regulators in a commercial environment.


The purpose of this role is to work as part of the Central Compliance team supporting the GHRC, Insurance in facilitating the management of compliance risk by:

* supporting Group Insurance in discharging its responsibilities to comply with applicable regulations
* alerting the business to material regulatory changes that arise, providing an analysis of the key requirements and working collaboratively with the Insurance business to ensure implementation
* overviewing regional compliance standards/performance - identifying & helping to resolve issues, breaches and emerging themes as they arise
* managing the relationship with the CMAT function in the scoping, delivery, reporting and follow-up of global thematic compliance reviews relating to Group Insurance
* providing compliance policy support to Group Insurance and the Regional Insurance Compliance staff
* leading Insurance Compliance's input into key extra-territorial regulatory and other compliance & business projects/developments
* fostering excellent relations with the Insurance Business and Regional Compliance teams.

Certifications, Qualifications & Experience

* Insurance Industry and compliance experience gained in relevant previous roles
* Up to date regulatory knowledge affecting the manufacture and distribution of insurance products, anti-money laundering, sanctions, conflicts of interest, and anti-bribery.
* Good knowledge HSBC Group's standards, i.e. GSM and FIMs, particularly Compliance FIM, IFIM and COH.
* A relevant Professional qualification - either Insurance or Compliance related.
* Awareness of the structure of Group Insurance globally and the Insurance industry generally.
* Extremely good communication skills (both written and oral)
* Proven sound judgement, problem solving and influencing skills
* A positive solutions focussed orientation to work