Warner Bross




14 August England - Hertfordshire, Watford Interim


You will be responsible for the maintenance of the general appearance of the site such that the studio is kept clean and tidy at all times with no signs of rubbish or litter within the studio complex. You will also be expected to diversify your role such that you will assist with other general maintenance tasks should the need arise. Tasks will be issued by the Facilities Administrators via the two way radio system. The Maintenance Manager and Team Lead will assist in prioritising works.


* Use of Mechanical Cardboard Balers and DMR bins
* Transport and Emptying of general bins in recycling yard
* Manual sorting of all recycling materials and cardboard bins
* Reporting all progress and updates via the two way radio system
* Collection and removal of litter around the site
* Removal of weeds from around the buildings and pathways
* Maintaining clear routes of access and egress around site and buildings
* Clearance of any spillages in a timely and safe manner
* Sweeping of pathways by hand
* Sweeping of tarmac areas by hand
* Assisting with clearance of snow and ice during the winter months