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30 September England - Greater London, City of London Interim

WBITVP, part of Warner Bros. Television Group ("WBTVG"), recently acquired the Eyeworks Group, with operations in 15 territories worldwide. Together with previous acquisitions, Shed in the UK and BlazHoffski in the Netherlands and Belgium, WBITVP now operates a network of local TV production companies ("Opcos") in 16 territories, reporting into WBITVP Group ("Group") in London.

The Finance Business Partner is responsible for ensuring that the Opcos provide financial planning and actual information to Group on a timely basis; and for collating regular financial reporting and analysis for the Finance Management Team, including 5-year plans ("LTP"), together with appropriate variance analysis, KPI and commentary.


* Ensure that the Opco Finance team fully understands and complies with Group reporting timetables for all relevant Finance deliverables.
* Ensure timely delivery of monthly financial management reporting pack (in the appropriate GAAP), with appropriate and consistent explanation of significant variations from budget and latest re-forecast.
* Ensure that subsequent re-forecasts reflect impact of highlighted variations (including monthly full-year forecasts and program slates), with appropriate explanation.
* Ensure financial planning and reporting highlights are shared with the ITVP Finance & Operations management teams in a timely manner; and relevant information shared with Corporate reporting team to enable consistent inclusion in Group financial planning and reporting.
* In conjunction with VP Business Management, ensure that the financial elements of Business Review papers are prepared and circulated in a timely manner, in advance of each Opco Business Review Meeting ("BRM").
* Ensure that the financial elements of LTP, annual budget and quarterly re-forecast review materials are prepared and circulated ahead of review meetings.
* In conjunction with the Corporate reporting team, review accuracy and consistency of budget and re-forecast dataloads into SAP, including liaison with Opco Finance team to validate dataload submission files; and assist with Cause of Change analysis.
* Understand and validate assumptions used in program slates, per episode revenues and CoS, ultimates and by-title costing forecasts during relevant financial planning and reporting cycles.
* Understand and validate assumptions used for overhead expenses, overhead allocations to CoS, amortization and depreciation charges, interest expense and other income and costs as appropriate.
* Track capital expenditure budgets, re-forecasts and annual spend, ensuring costs/benefit analysis is provided for all proposed investments.
* Ensure an accurate and timely cash-flow forecasting and reporting process, including analysis of related assumptions and variations; and closely monitor the working capital position of each Opco.
* Ensure an accurate and timely balance sheet actual reporting and forecasting process, including analysis of related assumptions and variations.
* As directed by the Finance & Operations teams, assist in the continuing integration of Eyeworks Opco financial reporting and processes into WBITVP.
* In conjunction with Director Accounting, ensure that adequate management and financial review procedures exist and associated controls operate as required by the Group SOX framework (as applicable).


* Build day-to-day relationships with the Opco Management Team, including the relevant Managing Director.
* Support the local Opco Management Team, addressing any issues with financial systems or procedures that might impede the successful operation or development of the business.
* Ensure the accounting flows for finished and format IP revenues and participations are booked in accordance with WBITVP Licensing Policy.
* Ensure clear understanding and ongoing implementation of delegation of authorities, administrative organization and internal controls within the local Opco (based on WBITVP Group Policies).
* Where operational decisions are taken within the local Opco, ensure that the financial impact of such decisions are communicated to Finance & Operations teams on a timely basis.
* In conjunction with Opco Management Team ensure timely delivery of monthly Opco Management Report, with commentary and analysis.
* Build and follow up on ongoing action lists applicable to each Opco and track/assign responsibilities.
* Attend each assigned Opco's BRM (4-6 times a year) with the corresponding Opco Management Team, VP Business Management and SVP Finance; and follow-up on action points, as applicable.

* Experience of working in the international TV production and/or format business, ideally in a multinational, multicurrency environment.
* Qualified Accountant (ACA/ACCA/CIMA) with post-qualified experience or equivalent
* Proven ability to work as a business partner to senior management, with a variety of functional responsibilities.
* Strong analytical skills, including the ability quickly to grasp the "big picture" and exhibit judgment in drawing conclusions and solving problems.
* Experience of working in a corporate environment undergoing significant change or growth of the underlying business.
* Exposure to international accounting and ideally a thorough knowledge and experience of US GAAP applicable to revenue recognition

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