Graduate legal project manager

08 March England - Greater London, City of London Perm

Background to the role

Clients are placing increasing emphasis on efficiency and value for money. Legal project management applies project management techniques to the legal industry to help increase client value and further enhance client experiences.
Last year, Linklaters became the first law firm ever to win both the Asia and Europe 'Most Innovative Law Firm' category in the same year at the FT Innovative Lawyers Awards.

Purpose of the role

The role of a Graduate Legal Project Manager is to support the legal project management team in the management of large, complex matters or deals. The size and scale of the matter must warrant the level of support offered by the legal project management team.
In this role, there is also an emphasis on learning and development opportunities. As well as gaining valuable experience and technical skills by supporting live matters, Graduate Legal Project Managers will also be expected to attend regular training and development sessions.

Key responsibilities and challenges

Key responsibilities and challenges The Graduate Legal Project Manager should support the legal project management team in:
* Working to ensure core matter controls are in place such as Engagement Terms, Working Parties List, matter plan etc.
* Assisting decision making about the format of information to be shared with clients
* Supporting the creation of matter plans and resource models using the appropriate software
* Determining an upfront price/budget for the matter taking into consideration the matter plan, resource model fee deal and profitability
* Supporting the ongoing management of matter commercials such as:

- Tracking against the agreed budget for the matter
- Establishing and coordinating processes for reporting on WIP and debt monitoring
- Highlighting potential issues around profitability, recovery and payment
* Providing input for internal status update meetings

* Understanding the reporting requirements of the team and determining how the reports can be produced in the most efficient manner.
* Introducing structured communication channels - weekly calls with agenda, distribution lists, organisation charts
* Supporting deal debriefs
The Graduate Legal Project Manager will also be expected to take ownership of discrete tasks as directed by a Legal Project Manager or Senior Legal Project Manager.

Training / role development

* Attend regular training and development sessions under guidance of line manager or development coordinator
* Set and work towards development objectives to achieve a well-rounded professional experience

Project Management good practice

* Work with other Legal Project Managers within the firm to share best practice, discuss any challenges or issues, and innovate by introducing new tools and ways of working
* Support development of Matter Management training that is delivered to our Managing Associates and Associates to ensure that it reflects best practice project management techniques and that we are promoting a consistent message.

Marketing of the service

* Strive to give the best client service possible; delivering value and delivering on time are key to ensuring that our lawyers speak positively about the service.