Data manager

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Data Manager

CME Data Team - I.T. Treasury Transformation

The Data Team is currently part of Treasury IT, but its function is to support the Structured Funding of

Overall purpose of role

The jobholder's role requires extensive technical knowledge of databases and IT systems utilising VBA and SQL, allied to considerable experience of working in a Treasury or Business Data Team.

The purpose of the role is to support the Capital Markets Execution Team in the issuance of secured funding, and the maintenance of the programmes, by providing the required data and analysis to Senior Managers in Treasury, Ratings Agencies, Regulators and Central Banks.

Key Accountabilities

* Identifying and locating specific data available to support transaction objectives, leveraging the data from these various databases where it affects the specific portfolio from which a transaction may be developed. This will require extensive knowledge of Retail and Corporate Data Systems, such as Trinity, BIW a within and ACBS, allied to significant technical skills to then build the appropriate reporting tools, utilising SQL, Excel and VBA.
* Experience of working with Data, Analytics and Credit Managers at external parties such as Regulators and Central Banks is desirable.
* Liaising with specialist business units, quantitative analysts and execution specialists to create and develop the data criteria on which a pool of assets may be collated into a transaction that meets the Bank's overall business objectives
* Working closely with execution specialists and other members of a project team, to identify, quantify and deliver data requirements to facilitate running various portfolio modelling scenarios for potential transactions
* Ability to create new and more effective ways of delivering data, collateral and analysis through forward and creative thinking is required i.e particularly around risk and internal pricing, to allow Treasury and Covered Committee's to understand risk and profitability on the Bonds Issued by CME and the asset pools that back them.
* Developing the initial analysis on an existing portfolio (the pool of assets from which a specific transaction is being developed) to identify areas of concentration and risk.

* Managing the ongoing development and maintenance of any transaction monitoring systems such that they are adaptable to any changes in business procedures or processes impacting on their continuing success, responding positively to any change requests received from investors or internal users relating to the data or analysis produced within the system's reports.

* Networking to ensure the jobholder is aware appropriate internal and external contacts, information sources, data solutions etc., including attending periodic conferences, seminars, etc., to keep up-to-date with developments in the market.

Stakeholder Management and Leadership

The role holder will be a key contact for internal reporting on the Secured Funding Trades, and going forward the key stakeholder will be BUK Treasury. In that capacity the Finance, Treasury, Secured Funding Team and the Mortgage Credit and Product Teams will be the primary contacts, and the individuals involved will be up to and including Director level.

Decision-making and Problem Solving

Constructing solutions and ways to further solution delivery for data issues highlighted, researching new sources of data and software applications, to make the Bank's data comprehensive. This will allow assets to become eligible for Repo facilities with Central Banks, improving the liquidity value of Bonds issued to Investors, as well as assisting meet PRA targets under the Discount Window Facility

Leading the development of bespoke databases, following the paradigms of good database design, to ensure data is held in the most effective format to speed response to any potential specific transaction or ad-hoc business query

Person Specification

The jobholder is a specialist execution resource and is a first point of contact for supporting a wide variety of transactions. Capital Issuance and Securitisation develop and execute transactions on portfolios of assets and on single assets, using the capital markets, alternative risk transfer (insurance market) and inter bank markets.

The jobholder is responsible for managing all the data and analysis requirements for transaction activities. Internally, the jobholder is responsible for liaising and communicating closely with a number of different SBU's.

Essential Skills/Basic Qualifications:

* Extensive SQL experience utilised for data reporting and development
* Treasury/ Banking Experience essential
* Knowledge of databases and there use and development is required
* Strong Microsoft package skills including share point is essential

Desirable skills/Preferred Qualifications:

* VBA knowledge and experience would be useful
* Experience and knowledge of Secured Structured Funding Trades utilising Mortgage Assets would be helpful
* Strong verbal and written communication skills

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