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Data governance specialist

12 October England - Greater London, City of London Temp

Overview of the Role

Reporting to the Head of Architecture, the Data Governance Practictioner will be responsible for:

Implementing the Data Governance in the firm including:

* Enforcing robust data governance processes and standards working with the Data Modelling team.
Implementation of governance and quality monitoring processes and tools
* The rollout of the associated communications to educate and ensure firm-wide awareness of its importance in supporting good quality data
* Maintain and action a log of highest priority Data Governance issues
* Identify, promote and support the implementation of data improvement initiatives, ensuring that change teams comply with data governance principles and policies
Provide support to the Data Governance Council including reporting of data quality issues and recommendations requiring escalation
* Advise, guide and support Data Owners, Data Stewards and Data Stakeholders in undertaking their governance roles

Skills required

* Strong experience of data governance implementation, monitoring and reporting
* Strong experience of data modelling, maintenance of a Group Conceptual Data Model and the use of the model in data management within financial services, preferably within Investment Management
Strong experience of data quality standards and issues management
* Solid experience of data management including mastering data and shared data such as reference data
* Solid experience of process modelling
* Experience of a major meta-data repository (e.g. iServer ) would be preferable
* Experience working in a financial services industry applying data governance.
* Familiarity with data related legislation such as the Data Protection Act and Solvency II regulations

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